Buffers and Solutions II

General description:

Bioenno Lifesciences offers buffers and solutions commonly used in the life science laboratory. All Bioenno buffers & solutions are extensively tested and meet the biological reagent criteria, including excellent stability, reproducibility, precision in pH, minimal salt effects, and freedom from enzymatic and hydrolytic activity. Buffers for molecular biology applications, such as Hybridization Solution and 20× SSC, are free from DNase, RNase, and Protease activity.

The buffers are supplied as ready to use solutions, or as powder mixes packed in bottles or sealed plastic/aluminum foil pouches. For powder mixing in a bottle, add the suggested volume of deionized or distilled water (dH2O) into the bottle, and shake until the mixes are totally dissolved. To dissolve powder mix in pouch, empty one pouch in a laboratory flask/beaker with a magnetic stirrer, add suggested amount of dH2O, and stir the solution until the mix is dissolved. Adjust the water up to the given volume, and stir the solution again for a few minutes until the buffer is ready to be used. Dissolve the powder in dH2O at room temperature (15-25°C).

Product features:

  • Highest quality and purity.
  • Pre-mixed powder buffers with pre-set pH.
  • Eliminates calculation and weighing errors.
  • Ideal for standardizing laboratory work.
  • Dissolve-and-go for greater convenience.
  • Shelf life is one year (liquid) or three years (powder mixes).
  • Guaranteed reproducibility.

Quality Control:

Each stage of the manufacturing process is controlled and monitored using stringent quality control procedures to guarantee the highest possible quality and lot-to-lot reproducibility. To ensure the efficacy of the product, functional testing should be performed by the user in accordance with established laboratory quality control procedures. If aberrant quality control results are noted, sample results should not be reported.

Product List:

  1. Cryoprotectant, Anti-freeze Cryoprotectant Solution for Fixed Brain Sections;
  2. Cryoprotectant, DEPC-treated;
  3. 20× SSC (pH 7.0);
  4. 2× SSC (pH 7.0);
  5. 50x Denhardt’s Solution;
  6. Hybridization Solution;
  7. DEPC-treated dH2O (0.1%);

Product list of other buffers and solutions can be found here.

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