Bioenno Lifesciences currently offers the following commercial products (also see Bioenno Lifesciences Catalog):

Staining Solutions and Histology Products

Buffers and Solutions I

Buffers and Solutions II

Please visit the Product Purchase for your purchasing. When you make a purchase from Bioenno Lifesciences, you are purchasing rigorously tested quality and an assured proven track record underscored by the usage of our products  by esteemed organizations worldwide, and you will also receive free technical consultation and support for your related research in order for our products to best service your needs. 

Bioenno Lifesciences also research biomedical devices. We have been advancing a novel class of Nanotechnology/biosensor based, hand-held, low-cost in vitrodiagnostic devices (IVD) to rapidly detect biomarkers in human blood, breath, saliva, sweat, and urine that would bring universal hospital-grade diagnostic capabilities and emergency-care equipment to patients. Bioenno Lifesciences is also advancing a novel class of hybrid biosensors for rapid evaluation of anticancer drug efficacy. We are also releasing two more devices soon:

(1) A Portable Breath Analyzer for Instant and Noninvasive Diagnosis of Early-stage Lung Cancer and Breath-related Disease; and
(2) A MEMS-based Antifouling Biosensors for Rapid Detection of Coagulopathy Analytes.

For further information of future products and anticipate biomedical devices, please visit our About Us page or go to Contact page.


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