Diagnostic Devices/Analyzers

The Biomedical Device Division in Bioenno Lifescience focuses on research, manufacture, and distribution of in vitro diagnostic devices (IVD) or analyzer. Over recent years we have been developing a novel class of nanotechnology/biosensor based, hand-held, low-cost in vitro diagnostic devices (IVD) to rapidly detect biomarkers in human blood, breath, saliva, sweat, and urine that would bring universal hospital-grade diagnostic capabilities and emergency-care equipment to patients. The following three devices will soon be delivered:

  • An Integrated Portable Hybrid Biosensor for Rapid Evaluation of Anticancer Drug Efficacy;
  • A Portable Breath Analyzer for Instant and Noninvasive Diagnosis of Early-stage Lung Cancer and Breath-related Disease in Early Stage; and
  • A MEMS-based Antifouling Biosensors for Rapid Detection of Coagulopathy Analytes.


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