Product Purchase

Bioenno Lifesciences currently offers the following commercial products, as shown in the Product Catalog. We also provide Neurohistology Research Services.

Three methods to purchase products or services:

Method 1: Online Shopping (Only for domestic customers)

You can make a purchase with a credit card. 
Note: This method is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DOMESTIC BUYERS. For international buyers, please use Method 2


Method 2: Email a Purchase Order (PO) to, or Fax the PO via (714) 988-4223.
Once we receive your PO, we will begin shipment of your product within 2 business days.
Depending on the items included, the general delivery time for services will be around 1-2 months.
You can make the payment by wire-transfer or by mailing a check to Bioenno.


If you have any further questions, please contact us through email at or phone (714) 234-7363.

All of Bioenno’s products are rigorously tested for quality. We have a proven track record, verified by esteemed organizations worldwide. We also provide free technical consultation and support for your related research so that our products may be used to best serve your needs.


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