Fixative Kit (Cat#003780)

Fixative Kit (Cat#003780)

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The sliceGolgi Kit is designed for running Golgi-staining on slices/sections. The impregnation and staining can be performed on free-floating sections (50~400 micron thickness). The additional Fixative Kit uses Bioenno’s aldehyde to process additional samples. The kit has been extensively tested across many types of brain sections from both rats and mice, and they are:

Freshly harvested sections, such as acute slices quickly prepared using tissue chopper.
Organotypic slice cultures, e.g. cultured hippocampal slices and cultured cortical slices.
Artificial cerebrospinal fluid (ACSF)-infused slices that have completed electrophysiological recording and/or drug administration.
Sections derived from brains fixed with Bioenno aldehyde Fixative (Catalog Number: 003780) via either perfusion or immersion. The fixed brains can be systematically sliced at 50~400 microns at room temperature (RT, 15 to 25 deg C), and the sections can be subjected to Golgi staining alone, immunohistochemistry / immunocytochemistry (ICC) alone, or combined Golgi staining and ICC.
Additional Fixative Kit allows for processing of more samples. Bioenno suggests purchasing the sliceGolgi Kit with the Fixative Kit.


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